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6 Ways to fight that Wedding Planning Stress!

Wedding planning is innately stressful.

Take a deep breath… I got you!

1. Take Action

Action is the antidote to fear and anxiety, so the best thing you can do right now is get organized and strategic. Prioritize your to-do list and start tackling the most mission critical tasks one by one. Enlist the help of your fiancé or wedding planner, and share responsibilities so you don't get too overwhelmed. Breaking down your long task list into actionable baby steps will turn this mountain into a more achievable molehill.

2. Practice Gratitude

Yes, it sucks having to adjust your wedding plans. But it really helps to keep things in perspective. The silver lining to things being so out of our control right now is that it forces us to dig deeper than surface level. We recommended crafting your own version of a wedding planning check list! Because just think: At the end of the day, you'll still get to marry your best friend. Even though it may look a bit different, you'll still have a fabulous celebration. And you'll have a heck of a story to tell your grandkids!

3. Keep Communication Open

Weddings are full of sticky topics. From family dynamics and finances to who’s invited, awkward conversations abound. Our advice is open communication from the start—and to tackle issues head-on. For example, shortly after your engagement we recommend having an honest chat with your fiancé about what you two can realistically afford to spend. Don’t start planning a lavish dream wedding only to realize you’ll be drowning in debt by the honeymoon. And don’t avoid this conversation because it’s uncomfortable or hard. It’s necessary and responsible, and will alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress down the road!

4. Give Yourself Grace

Remember that it’s okay to say the word “No”. We know how good it feels to say yes to those we love, but this is YOUR wedding and you shouldn’t feel pressured to accommodate everyone else’s wishes. Respectfully listen to any opinions, suggestions, or requests, but stay firm in the vision you have for your wedding—and politely decline what doesn’t fit.

5. Block Schedule

You don’t want wedding planning to consume your life, so consider blocking off a couple of hours each day (or each week, depending on your timeline) to intently focus on your wedding to-do list. Make them sacred: like your “business hours” for wedding planning. Use this time to dive headfirst into wedding tasks without any other distractions. Then when your block is over, put your wedding plans on the shelf and move on with your day.

6. Take Time for Self Care

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your sanity is turn your brain off. Get super sweaty with a heart-healthy cardio workout. Draw a bubble bath and soak while wearing a sheet mask. Turn on the most mindless reality TV imaginable and snuggle up with your fiancé. Meditate. Taking these moments for yourself will help you relax and recharge, and put you in a much better headspace.

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