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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

🌍 Happy Earth Day everyone! 🌍

During this time, keeping our planet CLEAN & GREEN is a top priority! Have you ever thought about having an Eco- Friendly wedding?

Here are just a few AMAZING ideas how you can reduce, reuse & recycle while still having everything you'd need for your Big Day! ✨The Wedding Gypsy✨ ✌🏼💚♻️ **1. Buy Ethical Wedding Rings ** Before you say “I Do,” you’re likely to have already said “Yes!” to at least one engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands. Diamond and gemstone mining and the use of precious metals means that wedding jewelry has a long negative history for our planet and laborers. That’s why choosing ethical and eco-friendly wedding jewelry should be the first green decision you make for your wedding day. **2. Donate or Compost Your Flowers and Food Waste** Food and flower waste makes up for a large amount of trash on wedding days, and often, it ends up in a landfill when it very easily could be composted or donated. Talk to your caterer about what happens to your food waste after the wedding, and make sure there is a plan in place to either donate or compost leftover food. **3. Skip Paper Wedding Invitations Entirely ** Paperless Post has partnered with Paper Source so that you can pick and choose which parts of your wedding paper goods you want to be digital and which you want printed. It also allows you to have a keepsake printed invitation even if you don’t send out paper ones to your guests. Other sites like Greenvelope offer similar services. ♻️ **4. Wear a Secondhand or Vintage Wedding Dress** Wearing secondhand or vintage means you are giving a pre-loved wedding dress a second life. Brides for a Cause collects donations from individuals, bridal shops, and designers and has a large database of donated and pre-loved wedding dresses to choose from. Not only are the prices much lower than your typical boutique, but Brides for a Cause donates a portion of their proceeds to a number of charities. ♻️ **5. Choose Wedding Decor that you can use at home!** Don’t forget! You can also bring part of your wedding home with you. “One of my clients chose locally-grown flowers in glass bottles that she sourced from local yard sales and flea markets. It created a beautiful look that she later repurposed to decorate her home. This not only eliminated waste but also reduced the overall carbon footprint of the wedding.”

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